David and Linda Lyle have owned their printing business since January 1976.  They were sweethearts at Wharton Junior college in 1971 and married in 1972.  They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren (who when visiting, arrive from Austin and Lake Charles)

David trained with L.E. “Brock” Brockman as a printer while in high school.  Later in college he worked for the A & M Press and the Bryan Daily Eagle.  When “Brock” decided to retire, he called David to inquire if he might be interested in buying the business.  The rest is history.

Linda and David bought the business in 1976, built a new building in 1977.  In 1995, Lyle Printing moved to their current location at 2100 Sixth Street.

Lyle Printing serves customers with all kinds of needs; from business cards to 4 color printing including Etsy, and custom invoices, waybills, and raffle tickets.  The option was added to include digital printing, but the old equipment is still being used.   Some of the letterpress equipment is 70 years old.  David and Terry Lyle maintain their own equipment. 

Lyle Printing employs six people, both full time and part time.  Most of our employees have been working here for 10 years or more.   We are proud of our level of experience and are willing and eager to help our customers with their printing needs.